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Helping our clients excel in the boardroom, and avoid the courtroom.

Sarfati Corporate Law provides businesses with unfettered access to experienced legal counsel, training its legal lens on solving issues that may arise, have arisen, or simply architect better practices to help your business flourish. Sarfati Corporate Law’s clients fully rely on us to ensure their business needs are addressed, protected & preserved.

Over the years, Sarfati Corporate Law has been counted to create, restructure, architect ventures, as well as address

issues related to financial growth, scaling, compliance, shareholder disputes, vendor disputes, along with the sale of businesses and potential disposition issues. Simply put, we are not only in the risk-aversion business, but also in the business of providing legal solutions to help ensure, profitability and “invest-ability,” as this Firm’s success is directly tied to that of its business clientele.

Business Law
Intellectual Property & Technology Law

Sarfati Corporate Law assists a wide variety of clients engaged across the spectrum of technology sectors, including mobile app technologies, middleware algorithms, E-Commerce, virtual gaming, online content distribution and advertising.

Our clientele consists of trailblazers and industry disrupters which rely heavily on our legal expertise to protect the value of their intellectual property, preserve the value of their trade secrets, to facilitate market growth.

Protect Your Mark’s Value

  • Mobile Application Contracts/Documents: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy; Regulatory Notices, End User License Agreements; GDPR & WCAG 2.0 Compliance.
  • Industry-specific- Subscription Agreements / End User Licenses Agreements.
  • Corporate Structuring, Restructuring, Joint Ventures, Cyber Security & Technology-related acquisitions.
  • Purchase & Sale of Businesses: Hospitality, E-Commerce, CBD, Real estate Brokers, Medical Practices and so forth.
  • Franchising Assistance.

Demand Follows Innovation

  • Mobile Apps Subscriptions
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Sale of Technology & Trade Secrets
  • Privacy Policy
  • Tech Propreitary Transfer

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What Our Clients
About Us.

Iris P.

Mr. Dan Sarfati is a gentleman. He is so easy to talk to, and so helpful. He goes out of his way to prepare the documents you need in a very timely matter. I needed some documents prepares, to take on a trip to get it signed. He worked on it right away, made it so easy and reasonably priced. You feel like you have a friend in him. Definitely recommend!


Our firm worked directly with Dan Sarfati. We had several complex business issues for him to work on to include partner buyouts and re-structure. We would highly recommend Dan and his firm for any work you need.


Dan is a really smart guy and pleasure to work with. Having started a business from scratch and having no experience with legal counsel, he has been a great help not to mention basically giving us business law 101 over the phone and making it easy to understand. Would highly recommend Dan if you want a passionate and most importantly personable lawyer to work with!


In the years I've known Dan, his transparency, integrity, and candor were a true compliment to his voracious knowledge and dedication to his clients. Dan's thorough understanding of complex business matters is conveyed in a friendly, easily understood method. I have worked with Dan on some seemingly simple situations and he's been able to uncover potential pitfalls which had never crossed my mind, thereby saving me from unnecessary exposure. As Dan always says, "An ounce of planning can help you avoid a ton of headaches" - true words from a truly great attorney.


Dan Sarfati is the most professional and personable business attorney, one who truly works with your interests at heart. He really listens to your concerns and is able to anticipate needs you did not even consider. Dan is extremely responsive to emails and handles all aspects of your business needs in a prompt and efficient manner. His vast network of business contacts makes him an ideal partner to any business dealing and when he refers you to someone you are sure to know is a trusted referral. It is a real pleasure to count Dan Sarfati as our business attorney.

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